5 Must-Have Tiles for Your Dream Bathroom

Strive for a bathroom design that exudes luxury without becoming stuffy or overwhelming. From patterned tile to wood-look large-format tiles, you can achieve the desired look through stylish updates.

Drop that avocado green wallpaper and tufted bathroom carpet and explore new tile styles for your dream bath. Here are five must-have tiles you should keep an eye out for:

1.Pebble Stone Tile

Pebble stone tile adds an air of the outdoors to any bathroom, lending itself well as shower floor or tub surround tile, bath wall surround, wall decoration or accent pieces such as shower niche or fireplace surround accents.

There are various varieties of pebble tile. From full-bodied stones for an opulent three-dimensional appearance, to flat tiles known as “sliced pebble tile”, offering more natural aesthetic and easier maintenance, there are various kinds available to fit every home or style preference.

An alternative pebble tile design is a mixed color mosaic featuring full-bodied and sliced stones in various shapes and sizes for an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design that will surely impress guests. Their anti-slip surface makes cleaning effortless while they come in various shades such as black, tan, gray and beige; be sure to order a sample before committing to this unique look!

2. Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale tile (sometimes known as Moroccan fish scale mosaic) is an eye-catching way to add texture and dimension to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. Reminiscent of ocean waves glistening gently below, this mosaic tile pattern can add dimension and style to Moorish and Mediterranean inspired designs.

Scalloped tiles create a dynamic focal point when installed in colors with strong contrast. Available in blues and greens as shown here; plus metallic and other finishes which add an edge and drama.

If you prefer an elegant style, black glossy fish scale tiles make an eye-catching accent wall feature. Paired with premium black grout for an eye-catching effect, or mixed in with other tiles from the collection to achieve subtler effects – or try these versatile wood-look tile finishes safe for shower walls and floors for even more versatility!

3. Matte Dark Grey Flat Hexagonal Glass Tile

Hexagon tile is an ageless addition to any bathroom, its six-sided shape emphasizing the lengthening effect of a shower floor while complementing nearly any color accent tile. Plus, with its matte finish providing an easy maintenance surface that resists watermarks, stains, and bacteria formation on high moisture surfaces such as backsplashes or shower walls – making this hexagon mosaic tile a timeless choice!

Hex tiles make a bold patterned statement without overwhelming a room’s design. Lindsey Brooke Design utilized this gray hexagon tile in her bathroom for an eye-catching textured floor that complements its teal walls and farmhouse sink.

Glass mosaic tiles are an increasingly popular choice for bathroom backsplashes as they provide an eye-catching modern aesthetic while being simple to maintain and resistant to stains, bacteria, and moisture; making them the ideal option for busy family homes.

Silver Honed Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles offer the ideal way to add an upscale aesthetic to any space. Available in an array of colors that coordinate seamlessly with accent or trim tiles for creating the ideal kitchen backsplash design, these back-painted hexagon tiles add the perfect modern touch.

4. Ocean Glass Tile

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with ocean glass tile! These luxurious tiles can add depth and dimension to your space by covering walls, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes or pools – giving it a distinctive appearance with added depth.

Sea glass tiles feature translucent pastel hues with an opalescent sheen that make them a great accent and detail addition in a mermaid theme bathroom. A design build contractor can help create an accent wall in your bathroom using these tiles or use them as trim around tub or showers.

Colorful glass and porcelain tiles add vibrancy and character to a room, from cheerful yellow and orange shades that bring energy and brightness, through feminine violet, lavender and lilac hues, romantic pink tiles such as flamingo rouge salmon crepe hot pink rosewood taffy or even the timeless elegance of gold tiles. Boldly patterned tiles must be balanced with other aspects of a room as too many patterns could overrun its space.

5. Marble Look Porcelain Tile

If you love the natural beauty of marble but need something more durable and affordable, porcelain tile that mimics marble could be just what you’re searching for. Available in an array of colors, patterns and styles – it makes an excellent choice for countertops, backsplashes, showers, floors and more!

One of the great advantages of marble-look porcelain flooring is that it’s easily maintained using mild cleanser and regular sweeping. However, unlike real marble, this material may become stained over time and should be sealed using an appropriate sealant product to prevent potential damage.

No matter your design vision for your dream home, marble tiles offer limitless design opportunities. Classic marble options like Bianco Carrara marble feature feathery veining while Thassos has pure white base color with minimal veining – modern trends might prefer something like Excalibur Bardiglio & Carrara Marble Waterjet Mosaic Tile which has an approved use on floor or shower wall surfaces.

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