Udyam Registration Portal: The Ultimate Solution for Business Registration Woes

Udyam registration portal is the perfect solution for those who want to register their business easily. This simplifies the process and saves you the hassle of paperwork. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) issues an electronic certificate called the Udyam Registration Portal to MSMEs in India.  The Udyam registration certificate is also known as the MSME registration certificate.The Ministry of MSME issues this certificate online to entrepreneurs after completing the MSME application process.  Udyam registration certificate with QR code through which  MSME website can be accessed through  Udyam portal facilitating ‘s business activities 

 Features of the Udyam Registration Portal

  • The permanent registration number is provided to MSMEs on the Udyam registration certificate. 
  • Once the online registration is complete, an electronic certificate known as the Udyam Registration Certificate is delivered to the entrepreneur’s email. 
  •  The Udyam Registration Certificate is valid until the business exists; so it is not necessary to refresh it.
  •  A company cannot register more than one MSME. Therefore, all company activities  are protected by the Udyam registration certificate. 
  • Registration 
  •   Udyam confirms that a business falls under the MSME category. 

 Procedure for obtaining Udyam Registration Certificate 

  •  Access the Udyam Registration Portal.
  •  Enter “Aadhaar number” and “business name” and click “Verify and generate OTP” button. Enter the OTP sent to the  mobile number associated with Aadhaar and validate the OTP. 
  •  Enter ‘Organization Type’, ‘PAN’ and click  the ‘Verify’ button. 
  •  Enter  details in “Udyam Registration” form and click “Send and Receive Final OTP”.Enter the OTP and submit the form. 
  •  Entrepreneur will receive Udyam registration certificate in  email. 


 Printing Udyam Registration Certificate 

 Entrepreneurs can print Udyam Registration Certificate by following the steps below: 

 Step 1: Access the Udyam Registration Portal. 

 Step 2: Click “Print/Verify” option and select “Print Udyam Certificate” option.  

 Step 4: Enter  OTP received on  mobile/email and click “Verify OTP and Login”. 

 Step 5: After logging in, print the Udyam registration certificate. 

 Verifying Udyam Registration Certificate  

 Entrepreneurs can verify their Udyam registration number by following the steps below: 

 Step 1: Access the Udyam registration portal. 

 Step 2: Click “Print/Verify” option and click “Verify Udyam Registration Number” option. 

 Step 3: Enter “Udyam Reference/Registration Number”, enter the captcha code and click “Verify” button.

Learn more about the Benefits of Udyam Registration

Forgot Udyam registration number 

 Step 1: Enter  OTP received on mobile/email and click “Verify OTP and Login”. 

Udyam Registration Certificate is an important document for MSME entrepreneurs to receive MSME benefits. The Ministry of MSMEs issues Udyam registration certificates to enterprises in the list of MSMEs. The Ministry of MSMEs issues certificates electronically and does not provide hard copies after the MSMEs registration process is complete. 


In short, the Udyam registration portal is a great solution for those who want to register a business. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined process, it makes business registration easier and faster than ever. You no longer have to deal with cumbersome paperwork or long waiting times. 

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