Services Professional BPO Contact Centers Provide Businesses 

Voice and Non-Voice Process in BPO

Starting a business usually requires an outstanding business idea along with infrastructure, and capital. However, the fiercely competitive landscape nowadays compels businesses to rethink their processes. They can now leverage chat support services in their business operations to focus on their core business. BPO contact centers are highly professional third-party companies that enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

What Is a Professional BPO Contact Center?

Business process outsourcing is the practice of outsourcing one or more business operations to a third-party service provider. A BPO contact center, however, is a team of outsourced agents that manage contact center operations of other businesses like inbound and outbound calls, live chat, and much more.

While some inbound BPO contact centers focus on customer service and inbound calls, outbound contact centers oversee market research, sales, and telemarketing. Modern BPO contact centers manage much more than only calls to provide exceptional customer experiences. They look after all kinds of customer interactions from replying to emails, resolving issues through online chats or texts, and dealing with social media accounts of businesses.

Services of BPO Contact Centers

If the business cannot manage all inbound and outbound calls, they may take the help of professional BPO service providers. Let us have a look at some of the services these professionals offer.

Inbound Contact Center Services

The following are the types of inbound services:

Order Processing 

These days, some customers still place their orders via phone, and processing them is time-consuming for businesses. To reduce the time spent on order processing activities, businesses hire BPO services. From order placement to delivery, they manage it all freeing up employees to focus on other important tasks like product development and marketing. These outsourced agents process all local and international orders irrespective of the time zones. They also receive training to oversee the huge influx of orders during the holiday season.

Support Questions 

When businesses sell innovative products or services, they tend to receive a higher number of queries. For example, internet service providers may receive hundreds of calls a day from customers who may have questions regarding their diverse packages.

Larger organizations usually outsource their contact center operations to BPO centers as the cost is much less compared to hiring a dedicated in-house team to manage all customer queries. Moreover, these businesses have knowledge bases that they can share with BPO contact center agents making it simpler for them to respond to customer inquiries.

Dispatch Calls 

Dispatch agents answer incoming calls requesting a service that a business provides. For example, a cab booking company receives dispatch calls from people to book a cab. The agent that receives this call, forwards the request to an available driver.

Instead of hiring full-time employees, some organizations outsource their dispatch contact center services so they can save costs by hiring agents only when needed. For example, a courier company that only makes deliveries between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekends, may find it feasible to outsource its dispatch services than hiring full-time salaried employees for the same job.

This way, businesses do not have to worry about paying employees on days when the business is slow. Moreover, they do not have to bother about covering odd hours as these agents make sure that they do not miss any service requests no matter what the time.

Outbound Contact Center Services

The following are examples of outbound contact center services:

Outbound Sales 

Outbound sales are the process in which agents approach leads and convince them to purchase via phone. It is different from telemarketing as agents cold call only qualified leads in this process. These calls are a significant method to earn sales, but businesses usually do not have adequate resources to connect promptly with potential customers. For example, a company may have 1500 leads but only ten agents on the team. These limited number of reps could spend weeks cold calling and still be unable to reach out to all leads and generate sales. This is where BPO contact centers come in. These agents can reach and even follow up with all the qualifying leads in much less time which helps the business generate more sales.

Marketing Research 

Businesses conduct over-the-phone surveys to collect customer feedback. The data from these surveys can provide meaningful insights into what challenges customers are facing, what their needs are, and so much more.

These calls usually follow a set pattern or contact center script. Therefore, businesses can easily outsource them to a third party. It is not only cost-effective but the valuable insights they generate help businesses in planning future product developments and customizing marketing campaigns in a timely manner.


Even though customers find telemarketing annoying, many businesses still consider it a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy to generate new leads. However, if the in-house agents do not have adequate training in cold calling, telemarketing may not generate the desired results.

This is where the experience, expertise, and tools of professional BPO service providers can help. They have agents that receive specialized training to persuade people and respond quickly to capture their interest. Moreover, the right Non-voice BPO processes agent help businesses elevate the ROI of their telemarketing efforts.

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