How to choose an effective water flosser

How to choose an effective water flosser

To show off a beautiful and healthy smile, you need to maintain a good cleaning routine and visit the dentist regularly. Luckily, more and more advances are emerging in terms of oral hygiene. Today you can have different devices to use at home that were previously only found in dentists’ offices, such as dental water flosser. An instrument that works as a complement to tooth brushing and that is gradually gaining popularity.

Too few people know about the benefits of dental flossing. This small station, fixed or portable, makes it possible to rid the teeth of residues that get stuck between meals. In this article, we give you some tips for choosing the water flosser that will give you satisfaction.

A water flosser is a device used to rinse the mouth by spraying it with water pumped from a reservoir. A real complement to brushing your teeth, it allows, like dental floss, to evacuate residues and bacteria that contribute to the formation of tartar. Its pressurized jet particularly excels when it comes to reaching areas of the mouth that are normally difficult to reach, such as the interdental spaces.

The water flosser, for clean teeth and toned gums

Used daily, the water flosser by its massaging action, strengthens and stimulates the gingival tissues. This firming aspect will be particularly appreciated by the elderly or those who suffer from shrinking gums.

Also, by limiting the development of dental plaque, the use of an irrigator prevents the formation of cavities and periodontal diseases. This is all the more true since it is possible, in the event of proven oral infection, to add mouthwash to the tank of the device. The antiseptic will be projected into the mouth, multiplying its sanitizing properties.

The irrigator, for whom?

Yesterday still reserved for fans of spa treatments, the use of water flossers has become widespread. Easy to learn and painless, they can be used by everyone. Including young children from 3 years old.

The use of the dental irrigator is good as long as it has been indicated by your dentist and/or dental hygienist. In the same way that a misused toothbrush can cause receding gums or abrasion of the tooth, the irrigator can cause gum damage due, for example, to poor orientation of the water jet or excessive pressure.

However, dental flossing is particularly recommended in the weeks following dental surgery. As well as people receiving orthodontic treatment or having too small interdental spaces. More generally, dental flossing is highly recommended for seniors.

A travel water flosser, fixed water flosser, or dental handset, which one to choose?

References are multiplying on the internet and in stores. To choose the right water flosser among a water flosser collection, start by thinking about how you will use it:

– do you need a dental flosser to take everywhere? If so, opt for a travel water flosser. Of a size substantially similar to electric toothbrushes, these can be slipped into a toiletry bag and will follow you everywhere, faithful to the post. If they are more practical to transport, travel water flossers have the disadvantage of being equipped with weaker pumps than their non-transportable cousins.

– you are a family. You would like to buy only one device. In this case, prefer a fixed model. More expensive to buy, these have the advantage of having tanks with much larger capacities. For the same price, a fixed water flosser will develop more pressure than a portable flosser and will offer several different tips

– finally, if you want to acquire an electric toothbrush at the same time as a water flosser, choosing a dental handset can be an economically interesting option. As its name suggests, this device brings together these two accessories on the same device.

Beware of “cheap” water flossers

Once these considerations are settled comes the thorny question of how much you are willing to spend. There are now a large number of first-price water flossers. Most are offered at around forty dollars. But what are these economic models worth compared to devices sold at a high price? Quality pays off, and low-cost water flossers often have a shorter lifespan. Indeed, manufacturers of entry-level models mostly save money on pumps, and hoses, which can be fragile and difficult to replace.

Most of the time neglected, the cost of consumables must nevertheless be taken into account. A travel water flosser that requires changing batteries will cost you more in the long run than a battery-operated one. Also, for reasons of hygiene, accessories must be changed regularly, which represents additional costs. In other words, the most attractive offer is not always the most interesting.

The importance of dealing with popular brands

Of course, popularity does not always reflect quality, but popular brands are known for the quality of their products. One of them is Binicare. Binicare is a popular dental care brand and has been releasing quality products on the market, including water flossers. We’ve researched some of them and we found that they are beneficial when it comes time to clean your teeth thoroughly.

We take the Flosstra Portable Water Flosser for Travel Use as an example. This is a personalized travel water flosser that can be folded so that it is easy to carry anywhere. This tool is so effective that it can remove 99% of dental plaque attached to hidden areas. In the purchase package, you will get a water flosser, user manual, type-C cable, travel box, tongue cleaner, perio tip, and two standard jet tips. Binicare provides free shipping to 48 states of the United States, so you don’t have to worry about delivery to your home. For more information you can visit

Finally, the options and features increase the note. If the basic dental jets offer, as a whole, only one pressure setting, the latest water flossers compete in ingenuity and are accompanied by a plethora of programs: tonic massage of the gums, gentle cleaning of sensitive teeth, the list is long. It is therefore wise to take stock of the features that you will use or not.

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